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      • You Want a Stronger Mental Game

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Nobody Can Match Our:

  • Tour Level Research-


    Multiple Personality Studies with the best players in the world, PGA and LPGA Tour Players, discovered the 8 Champion Personality Traits for golf. Still the only Mental Game studies that have been done on the top Tours.

  • Tour Level Experience-


    Work with over 380 Tour Players, including 15 years full time traveling the Tours- 70% on the PGA and Champions Tours, 20% LPGA and 10% Web.com Tour level.

  • Tour Success-


    We have helped 21 individual Tour Players win 31 Majors: All the Majors at least once on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours. Not to mention scads of other Tour wins. GolfPsych Slams?

  • Amateur Success-


    with wins in the biggest Amateur Events: the U.S. Amateur, The NCAA Div. I National Championship, Texas State High School Championship and the Tapatio Springs Men’s Club Championship, Gross Division. :-)

  • Psychological Abilities-


    Dr. Graham is a licensed Counseling Psychologist, licensed in Texas and California. Most sport psychologists are neither licensed nor capable of true counseling. She can help with anything that’s getting in the way as well as your golf, all confidentially of course.

    We cannot tell others we even work with you unless you give us permission or tell the world yourself. This is why we cannot publish our client list, unlike other non-licensed sport psychologists.

    She has helped a number of our Tour clients through marital and relationship issues too.

  • Coaching, Tools and System-


    • Coaching in person and on the phone with Dr. Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler is available to you. The Mental Game Builder Package is required if you want to work with us directly. Simply billed by the hour. As soon as you have completed the two online assessments, takes about an hour, we can start talking. We are located at Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort, outside of San Antonio.

    • Our Personality Assessment which measures 32 personality traits including the 8 Champion Traits for golf we discovered with our studies, is way more accurate and detailed than the DISC or Myers Briggs personality assessments that others use. It generates a 42 page report with our recommendations based on how you compare to the 8 Champion Traits. You can get it separately or save $ as part of our Mental Game Builder Package. The Mental Game Builder Package is the first step for every client.

    • Our Mental Skills Assessment takes about 15 minutes with 111 golf questions. It gives objective measures of your Mental Game Skills. How good are you at focussing, at managing your emotions, at managing the course, etc. Generates recommendations for you with Quick Fixes and more detailed training to raise your mental skills for golf. You can get it separately or save $ as part of our Mental Game Builder Package.

    • Our Online Coaching System helps your prepare for your rounds, track your mental performance during play and learn from your rounds afterwards. Your instructor also gets to see your inputs. Keeps a running average of your stats too. You get unlimited use with a one year membership. You can get it separately or save $ as part of our Mental Game Builder Package.

    • Our Mind Meter measures and displays your mental state during shots and putts on the course. It is very sensitive and accurate. Developed by us for our golf coaching, it literally shows when your thoughts change, how athletic and right brained or left brained you are, how committed you are while playing your shots and putts. Great for curing the Yips too. It has a range up to 30 feet from you. This makes it easy to monitor your mental performance.

    • We conduct small group schools. These intensive schools allow us to explain, customize and coach on the course in a very short period of time. The Level I school gets you started really well in one weekend. You get to wear the Mind Meter on the course and range. The Level II school is full competition. The Mental Game Builder Package is included in the Level I School price at the moment. If you already have the Package and purchase the Level I School, we will give you credit for the Package price.

    • We have trained Teaching Pros, Coaches and others in our System and Certified them capable of delivering GolfPsych to you. You may be fortunate to have a Certified GolfPsych Instructor nearby. The Certified Instructors are listed under the Instructors tab at the top of the page.


NOTE: Works Great for All Golfers, but Especially Good For Competitive Juniors (13 and up), Competitive Amateurs and Pros.


* Dr. Graham recently discussed the 8 Champion Traits with a former PGA Tour client, John Maginnes, on Back9 Network. Click here to watch the interview


  1. We will help you understand the correct principles of a good Mental Game for Competitive Golf.

  2. We will help you understand your personality and what aspects of it are holding you back for golf.

  3. We will work with you to customize our techniques to work well for you.

  4. We will coach you through the learning curve of developing your strongest mental game through multiple competitions.


We can start on the phone or in person after you have completed the online assessments. They should take less than one hour to complete.

Click here to get the Assessment Package and get started right away.

Please contact us with any questions.


Jon Stabler



P.S. The Benefits of a strong mental game for golf are many:

  • Stop Getting in Your Own Way
  • Stop Wasting Shots
  • Recover from Misses Better
  • Manage Your Emotions Much Better
  • Control Your Thoughts
  • Control Your Tension and Anxieties
  • Focus Fully on This Shot
  • Play Athletically, not Like a Machine
  • Start Better and Finish Stronger
  • Know When to Go For It and When Not To
  • Learn How to do “One Shot at a Time” and Be in the Present
  • Conserve Energy and Finish Thinking Well
  • Believe in Your Self and Your Competitive Abilities
  • Have Fun Competing
  • And More…