Improving Your Mental Game Will Help You


FASTER Than Anything Else You Can Do!


You Need to Improve Your Mental Game If You Want To:

 Play College Golf

Play on Tour

or Just Lower Your Handicap a Lot

And You Have Any of These Symptoms of a Poor Mental Game-

  • Inconsistency

  • Mentally Exhausted at the End of the Round

  • Experience a Lot of Emotions on the Course

  • Have Big Fluctuations Round to Round, Nine to Nine

  • Start Poorly, Finish Poorly

  • Have Patterns of Failure i.e. Big Holes, Choking, Multiple Bad Holes in a Row

  • Performing Less Than You Should With Your Physical Skills

  • Poor Putting Most of the Time

  • Yipps in Any Part of Your Game, Ball Boundness

  • Others Say, “With Your Swing You Should be Playing Better”

  • Your Progress Has Slowed or Reversed

Hi! I’m Jon Stabler, CEO and Co-Founder with Dr. Deborah Graham of GolfPsych.

We know. We have seen dramatic improvement time after time for over 30 years using our methods.

We have often seen players go from the mid 80′s to the mid 70′s over night…from failing to qualify many times to qualifying the next time…from never winning to winning, then winning again.

Our Tour Proven GolfPsych Program with all our Methods and Proprietary Tools is available to you online and in person through our schools and individual coaching. Follow-up and continuing support is part of the program.

The First Step-Assess Your Challenges and Get Our Recommendations

In Less Than an Hour

Our Mental Game Builder Package Includes Assessment of your current Mental Game Skills and your Personality for Golf. You do this with two online Assessments, the first on your Mental Skills for golf and the second comparing your Personality to the 8 Champion Personality Traits we discovered through our research on the frequent winners on Tour. Both assessments produce reports with recommendations and methods for you to use.

Click on these pictures to get an idea of the results and reports produced for each.

Mental Skills Report and Personality Report

Mental Skills Report

8 Traits Personality Assessment & Report

8 Champion Personality Traits Report


Along with these assessments we include your membership in our Online Coaching System for one year. The Online Coaching System includes tools for goal setting, preparing for your rounds, mental game scorecards to take on the course, and post round assessments to help you learn from your rounds.

Every time you fill out a Post Round Form, we get an email and can see what you have written. This enables us to support you better over time and send you suggestions.

These three online products are combined into our Mental Game Builder Package to save you money and give you everything you need to move forward with our coaching or by yourself.

You can have these assessments and recommendations in one hour and start changing the way you think and play today!

Click Here to Take The First Step and save almost $50 from the individual prices with the Mental Game Builder Package!


The Second Step-Coaching

We Coach you individually in person and by phone with additional communications by texting and email. You can start over the phone after you have completed the Assessments, immediately.

If you want to get started in the fastest, most effective way, then a personal visit is possible. We are located near San Antonio, at The Resort at Tapatio Springs. We simply charge by the hour for this coaching.

Our Tour clients typically come in the night before. We work 5-7 hours the first day inside and on the course then 3-4 hours the second day and they fly back out. We can easily design a visit that meets your needs and budget.

Our Mental Game Builder Schools

Level I Mental Game Builder School will get you started really fast and more economically with

15 hours of Coaching in One Weekend!

We only take four players in each School. You will get to use our patent pending Mind Meter all weekend to help find Your Performance Zones!

The School price currently includes our Mental Game Builder Package. Please note, the assessments need to be completed before you attend the school or start working with us individually.

We often have players work with us individually and attend the schools too with great results. The Level I school lets us Coach you in a more competitive situation.

When you are ready, the Level II School is a competition school. One practice round and two full competitive rounds with our assistance and coaching, before during and after the rounds. This will help you really tune up your competitive mental game. Level I is required before you can attend Level II.

When you Think Better You Will Play Better. It doesn’t take long! Not like the hours and hours of physical practice you have to do to make a swing change.

A strong mental game will give you the best chance to achieve your Goals in Golf, whether they are to get a College Golf Scholarship or to Win on Tour!

Click on this link to get your Mental Game Builder Package  to assess and get our recommendations in just one hour.

Or  sign-up for a Level I School by clicking on this link and choosing the weekend that works for you.

For any questions about the program and steps or your unique situation, please use the Contact tab at the left side of the page. I will be happy to discuss your situation or your Junior Golfer’s and make recommendations.

We look forward to working with you and to your rapid improvement. That is the fun part for us and for you too.



Jon Stabler
Co-founder GolfPsych
Co-Author “The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers”
Inventor Mind Meter and Zone Training System
Expert GolfPsych Instructor


To give you an idea of what we will work on and how, the tools we use, here are the Four Fundamental Areas of Your Mental Game that everyone needs to do well:

To Play Your Best You Must Control Your Thoughts and Emotions, Use an Athletic Shot Process and Manage Your Level of Arousal Correctly for the Shot You Are Playing.

1. An Athletic Shot Process to play your shots and putts-

You probably have a pre-shot routine that you try to do consistently. In our experience most players don’t understand what a good routine should accomplish or how it works best. It should be called an effective, athletic shot process. This athletic shot process is unique to you and will result in your performing more athletically with better focus and greater consistency. It will not slow you down and it will simplify and quiet your mind.

A free video of the mental routine or athletic shot process is included in our Online Coaching System. There you can watch it over and over to absorb the principles.

2. Manage Your Arousal at the Optimum Levels for Golf-

That’s right, I wrote Levels. There are multiple levels of Arousal for playing golf shots and putts well. Through our research and work we have found that your Arousal level should be higher for driving the ball and longer shots. It must be lower than that for putting and chipping to do them well. If you are higher or lower than the optimum levels of arousal for that type shot, then your shot or putt will not be as good as it could be, and maybe really bad.

Too high happens when you are excited, nervous, anxious or fearful or not fully committed to the shot. Too low happens when you are not caring or trying. Too low does not happen often for most players.

When your arousal is too high for full shots, your swing will change no matter how strong your Muscle Memory is. Your tempo will probably be quick. In putting and chipping, you will lose your feel for the shot and speed and have a hard time reading the greens. Your focus will widen and you will be more easily distracted. Your mind will get busy and it will become harder to make good decisions or come to a decision. You will react more emotionally than you normally do to poor outcomes.

Our Mind Meter measures and displays your level of arousal during your shots and putts. It will help you learn what optimum arousal for golf feels like and how quickly your thoughts raise it. With it you can practice and play at your optimum levels for golf, IN THE ZONE.

GolfPsych Mind Meter to Play In The Zone

This awareness is crucial to your ability to manage your AROUSAL to play well on the course. You can work with the Mind Meter with us or a Certified GolfPsych Instructor. You may also purchase one for your own practice through us or a Certified GolfPsych Instructor, but only if we have worked with you in person using it. This will assure you and us that you understand how to use it and will get the most benefit from it.

3. You Must Learn to Control Your Thoughts-

If you are like most players, your thoughts will tend to raise your tension. You tend to focus on outcome and score and other things you cannot control like slow play or the weather. These thoughts will have you reacting emotionally to poor outcomes and scores. They will create fear and anxiety.

You cannot just stop thinking those damaging thoughts. “Don’t think about score!” doesn’t work very well.

We have several Thought Control Techniques that will help you do this during competition as well as in the days leading up to the competition: the “Champion Circle/Bubble”; “Regulating Your Thoughts”; “Cues”. All of these and more will be customized to work well for you.

4. The 8 Champion Personality Traits for Golf-

We discovered these 8 Champion Personality Traits through scientific research with multiple studies of the men and women on Tour, the best players in the world.We discovered that the Frequent Winners had these 8 personality traits in common and the other players did not match them.

Tournament Golf determined them through ‘Survival of the Fittest’. You cannot ignore them and hope to achieve your goals in golf. Even the Champions can move off of these traits at times.

You have 32 personality traits. Only 8 of them matter for your best golf. You can learn to emulate these Champion Personality Traits when you play golf. It is not that hard but you have to know what they mean to do it well and be successful in golf. Read More…

  • You don’t need more swing lessons.
  • You don’t need new clubs.
  • You don’t need to practice harder than you already are.
  • Swing Keys or Quick Fixes are not the solution.
  • You know you have the physical skills to play well. We can help you show everyone how good they are in competition.

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