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Classification Descriptions

Expert: This individual has reached the highest level of education and understanding of the GolfPsych System. They have completed all instruction levels and a significant research project. They conduct all Instructor Training courses, Introductory programs, Tournament Player Programs and other GolfPsych Programs.

Master: This individual has completed Master Level GolfPsych training. They have demonstrated through their students improvement and knowledge that they have mastered the GolfPsych System and the 8 Champion Traits. They are proficient in the use of the Tension Meter and can personally demonstrate the ability to quiet their minds and relax their bodies on the golf course. They conduct all levels of Tournament Player Schools, Introductory and Advanced Instructor programs. They can test and certify Instructors.

Advanced: This Certified Instructor has attended and successfully completed the Advanced Instructor training school. They are fully capable of working with their students to develop the 8 Champion traits and their mental games. They conduct Level I Tournament Player programs.

Certified: This Instructor has passed the GolfPsych Instructor certification exams. They have a good understanding of the 8 Champion Traits and how to guide their students. They understand how to use GolfPsych products and the GolfPsych System.

Coach: This individual has attended an Instructor or Coaches school. They have a fundamental understanding of the 8 Champion Traits and the GolfPsych System. They may have a Tension Meter and other GolfPsych tools.

Level I: This individual has attended a Level I Instructor training course. They have a fundamental understanding of the 8 Champion Traits and the GolfPsych system including good understanding of the foundation skills. Usually starts with the Mental Game Skills Analysis and recommendations. Can help you develop a really good mental pre-shot routine.