Golf Psychology, PGA Tour Researched and Developed over 36 Years

  • You Want a Stronger Mental Game

  • You Need to Play Better

  • You Are Frustrated

  • or Someone You Know Needs Our Coaching

Dr. Deborah Graham and I have helped almost 400 Tour Pros and thousands of Competitive Golfers like you find consistency and build confidence with Golf Psychology using our GolfPsych System and Tools.

Our GolfPsych System and Tools are based on our Tour research and over 36 years of working with the Tour Pros and Competitive Golfers like you. The first study was of the LPGA players in 1981, 36 years ago.

Using our System and Tools we can help you develop your Mental Game for Golf in the fastest, most effective way for you.

You are unique. Your experience, skills and talent combination are unique to you. We will compare you to the Champion Tour Pros and the 8 Champion Personality Traits for golf. This will show you and us exactly what you need to work on and what Golf Psychology will work best for you.

We will start working with you using our Online Mental Game Skills and Personality Assessments. We will help you find your “Mental Game Performance Zone” with our Mind Meter. (In our experience, the Mind Meter is far better than any other device in golf, in action on the course and on the range for this purpose.)

You will use our Online Coaching System to prepare for your rounds and to learn from them. This Online Coaching System will communicate with us every time you use it. This keeps us in the loop and allows us to make recommendations as you progress. This means you will be getting ongoing support as you need it when you use the system.

Your performance depends on your mental and physical skills. Strong mental game skills will enable you to perform your best and develop your overall game faster and to a higher level. The right Golf Psychology for you is critical to your development and success.

You can work with us in person, in small group schools and from a distance. Many clients do all three. We have a number of clients that we have never met in person yet they do quite well with our coaching and tools.


For Any Competitive Golfer…

From 13 year old Juniors to Seniors
Aspiring Tour Pros to Grizzled Tour Veterans


GolfPsych Works: Our Clients Have Won…

•Texas, Illinois and Nevada State High School Championships
•NCAA Division I National Championships
•NAIA National Championship
•U.S. Amateur
•World #1 Position
•31 Major Championships on Tour
•Lots of Events on the American, European and Asian Tours


Next Steps:

  1. Contact us with any questions. Free 1/2 hour Consultation

  2. Sign-up for our Weekend Playing School, Level I…..OR…. Sign-up for Individual Coaching

  3. Complete the Online Assessments and get Your Recommendations before Your School or First Individual Coaching Session in Person or on the Phone

  4. Follow Our Coaching and the Program We Design with You

  5. Compete and Learn

  6. Experience Rapid Improvement

Click here for more information on our Level I Mental Game Builder Schools
Click here for more information on our Mental Game Builder Package of Tools

Note: You must get this package and take the assessments online before we organize individual coaching sessions with you, in person or on the phone. The two assessments will take you less than an hour to complete and generate reports with recommendations that are emailed back to you immediately. You can get started developing your mental game skills before we talk.

Note: For a short time the Mental Game Builder Package is included in the Level I Mental Game Builder School price.

Please contact us with any questions.


Jon Stabler and Dr. Deborah Graham