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Master The Mental Side Of Golf

Tour-Proven Mental Game Coaching for Your Game.

Get the same golf mental game Coaching our Tour clients have used to win 31 Major Championships.

Master The Mental Side Of Golf

Are you tired of underperforming when it counts? Get the same mental game training our Tour clients have used to win 31 Major Championships.

Train Your Mind Like A Tour Pro

GolfPsych is the ONLY organization that has conducted scientific research on the mentality of Tour players. Over the last 30 years, we have used that research to help 21 Tour golfers win 31 Major Championships, and we’ve helped 40+ college teams and countless Juniors achieve their goals through golf mental game training.

Golf is a unique blend of physical skill and mental fortitude. Swing training and short game training can only get you so far. Our golf Mental Game System will help you:

  • Achieve your best scores at competitive events
  • Play consistently regardless of the stakes
  • Feel mentally balanced and focused at all times

Ready to stop feeling frustrated? Ready to start enjoying the game again? You’ve come to the right place.

My second year on the Senior PGA Tour, I won five tournaments and $1,175,944, was leading money-winner and was named Player of the Year…the main reason I had a year that for me was unbelievable is that I worked hard on the mental side of my game (with GolfPsych® ).”

Dave Stockton

PGA and Champions Tour Player, Fantastic Teacher

Mental Game Golf Coaching

Train Your Mind Like A Tour Pro

Our coaching system has been used by over 400 Tour Pros and resulted in 31 Major Championships. We guarantee it will improve your competitive play.

Golf Mental Game Coaching - Step 1

Personal Consultation

We’ll hop on a half hour call with you, discuss your goals, and formulate a customized training plan to get you started.

Golf Mental Game Coaching - Step 2

Mental Game Assessments

Next, you take two advanced assessments to identify your challenges and best opportunities for growth

Golf Mental Game Coaching - Step 3

Weekend Schools

Individual coaching and our weekend intensive schools are the absolute fastest way for you to achieve massive improvements in your game.

Ongoing Coaching

In person, on the phone and through our Online Coaching System we are your personal Mental Game Golf Coach.

Golf Mental Game - Step 5

Advanced Tools

GolfPsych has developed a patented method and biofeedback that we use in our individual coaching and schools. You can purchase and use this system yourself anywhere.

Major Championships on Tour

GolfPsych Mental Game Coaching Works!

Our Clients Have Won:

  • Texas 5A, Illinois and Nevada State High School Championships
  • NCAA Division I National Championships
  • NAIA National Championship
  • U.S. Amateur
  • World #1 Position
  • 31 Major Championships on Tour
  • Lots of events on the US, European and Asian Tours

Our System Works

Major Championships on Tour

NCAA Division I National Championships

US Amateur Champions

Texas State 5A High School Team Championships

Texas State 5A Individual Champions

Why Our System Works

The GolfPsych system is built around the original research of Dr. Deborah Graham, designated by Golf Digest as one of the Top 10 Golf Psychologists today. Dr. Graham earned her doctorate through studying the statistical differences between champion and average players on the LPGA tour, and then later replicated this study on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour along with GolfPsych co-founder Jon Stabler.

These findings initially led to the well-received book “The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers”, published by Simon and Schuster in 1999. Stabler and Graham then utilized their research to develop the world’s leading system for mental training in golf, and the ONLY system built on actual research of PGA Tour pros.

Since developing the Mental Game System, the GolfPsych team has worked with nearly 400 players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour, and our clients have won a combined 31 major championships. There is simply no better place on Earth to master golf psychology, the mental side of golf, than here at GolfPsych.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We highly recommend that all golfers in the Royal Canadian Golf Association Player Development Program read and study this book(The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers by Graham and Stabler). As well, players should strongly consider obtaining a “GolfPsych Profile” and report.”GolfPsych has been a large part of the RCGA Player Development Program and Achievement Guide since 2000.

Henry Brunton

Canadian National Golf Coach for the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA), Master GolfPsych Instructor and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“I never had a (sports psychologist) before. I knew I had some abilities and wasn’t getting the best out of them. I said, ‘Doc, I just keep choking towards the end.’ So she (Dr. Graham) gave me …a pre-shot routine, and …helped me get out of the future and into the now.

Gary McCord

Champions Tour

Golf Psych has definitely drastically improved my golf game. The instructors are very willing and dedicated to help me succeed, and have helped me create a solid mental routine that can withstand anything I face on the course. Golf Psych has absolutely helped improve my confidence both in myself and in my golf game. I have seen myself trusting my swing and committing to my shots, and it is all thanks to you!


Junior Golfer

YOOO DAAA MAAAN! Most birdies in such a short stretch in my life, 5 birdies from holes 2 thru 9…and double-bogeyed Holes 1 and 3, but still felt really confident/calm/non-plussed. Thanks, as always!

Joel Suggs

PGA Master Teaching Professional

I can promise you that there is NO PROGRAM BETTER than GolfPsych. As a former PGA TOUR player and current golf instructor…what I have learned from Deborah Graham & Jon Stabler has been invaluable in helping my students achieve their goals. GOLFPSYCH is a MUST for ALL serious golfers!

Skip Guss

Golf Instructor

Have an Important Tournament Approaching?

If you need results fast, the absolute quickest way we can help you improve is through our intensive, local schools.

We’ll take you through our system and then immediately work with you on the range and on the course using your new mental skills. Your fellow students will help add a competitive environment, and you will feel more mentally focused and stabilized than ever before by the time our weekend is concluded.

Duration: Friday – Sunday
Maximum class size: 4 students
Age: 13 and up

Most Schools are at Tapatio Springs Resort near San Antonio, Texas and start Friday evening at 7:00 and finish on noon Sunday.

Schools typically have a mix of Juniors, college players, and aspiring professionals. Avid amateurs are welcome. When it comes to your mental game, golfers at all stages face the same challenges.

Begin Your Journey To Mental Mastery

It’s high time that your mental game caught up to your physical game. The consistency you’ve always craved is just a few steps away. Let’s get there together.