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Golf Psychology that is PGA Tour Researched and Proven with 31 Majors!

Golf Psychology Mental Game Coaching

Mental Game Coaching

Tour Researched and Tour Proven golf psychology. In person, on the phone, email, text, Skype. Support when and where you need it, by the hour.

Assessments & Online Coaching

Assess your mental skills and personality for golf. What do you need to improve to perform? How? Customized recommendations for you.

golf psychology schools

Mental Game Golf Schools

3-Day Schools. The fastest way to develop your mental game in a competition like situation, on the range and on the course. 4 player limit.

Golf Psychology Mind Meter Pro

Mind Meter Pro Biofeedback

Find Your Optimum Mental Routine.  Our Mind Meter Pro gives very sensitive feedback during your swings and strokes to help you dial it in.

Major Championships on Tour

GolfPsych Golf Psychology Works!
Our Clients Have Won…

  • Texas 5A, Illinois and Nevada State High School Championships
  • NCAA Division I National Championships
  • NAIA National Championship
  • U.S. Amateur
  • World #1 Position
  • 31 Major Championships on Tour
  • Lots of events on the US, European and Asian Tours

Essential to Any Competitive Golfer…

From 13-year-old Juniors to Seniors and Aspiring Tour Pros to Grizzled Tour Veterans

You are a Competitive Golfer and you are here because:

  • You Want a Stronger Mental Game
  • You Need to Play Better
  • You Are Frustrated
  • or Someone You Know Needs Our Coaching

Our Golf Psychology System has been developed through research and work with almost 400 Tour Pros. 21 of our Tour clients have won 31 Majors with this system so far! Dr. Deborah Graham and I have done the research and developed the system with the Tour players. We have helped the Tour Pros and thousands of Competitive Golfers like you find consistency and build confidence using our Golf Psychology System and Tools. Since 1981.

My second year on the Senior PGA Tour, I won five tournaments and $1,175,944, was leading money-winner and was named Player of the Year…the main reason I had a year that for me was unbelievable is that I worked hard on the mental side of my game (with GolfPsych® ).”

Dave Stockton

PGA and Champions Tour Player, Fantastic Teacher

8 Personality Traits of Champion Golfers

Our first study was of the LPGA players in 1981. It discovered that there are 8 personality traits out of 32 where the frequent winners on Tour measure differently from the other Tour Pros. Follow up studies in 1989 and 1990 on the PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour players found the same 8 personality traits for the frequent winners.

Using our Golf Psychology System and Tools you will learn how to emulate the frequent winners on Tour when you compete. Yes, You can learn to think like the Tour Champions when you compete! How cool is that?

Our objective is not to change your personality all the time but to help you learn how to operate in competitive golf as if you had all 8 Champion Traits. You probably match up on several traits already. You only have to work on the ones where you don’t match up. They are the root of your challenges.

You are unique. Your personality is unique. Your experience, skills and talent combination are unique. We will work with you to find the best solutions for you.

The GolfPsych Golf Psychology System

Golf Psychology - Step 1

Take the Assessments

To begin this process you need to take our Online Mental Game Skills and Eight Traits Personality Assessments. They will generate the comparisons and make recommendations appropriate for you in two reports. You can put these recommendations into action immediately.

Golf Psychology - Step 2

Online Coaching

Our Online Coaching System will help you learn from your rounds. When you use it, we will see your input and make suggestions to help you progress. This keeps us in the loop and allows us to make recommendations as you progress. This means you will be getting ongoing support as you need it when you use the system.

Golf Psychology - Step 3

Individual Coaching & Schools

You can work by your self with these recommendations, work with us individually or work with us in our small weekend schools. Many clients do all three. We have a number of clients that we have never met in person yet they do quite well with our coaching and tools.

Upcoming Mental Game Golf Schools

You will learn the golf psychology principles of a strong mental game based on our Tour Research and work with almost 400 Tour players. During the school you will work with us on the range and on the course using your new mental skills. The other students will help create a competitive feel. This intensive weekend will jump start your mental skills and create the base for you to get stronger and stronger.

The best physical skills and talent will never produce consistently without a strong mental game. The more important the tournament, the more you need strong mental skills to perform.

Duration: Friday – Sunday
Maximum class size: 4 students
Age: 13 and up

Schools typically have a mix of Juniors, college players, and aspiring professionals. Avid amateurs are welcome. We are all golfers and faced with the same challenges.

Only 4 players in each school so space is very limited.

Most Schools are at Tapatio Springs Resort near San Antonio, Texas and start Friday evening at 7:00 and finish on noon Sunday

"Just a note to say thank-you both you and Debra for the GolfPsych school. Since I’ve been home I won a four-man scramble and then came 3rd in our Ontario Head pro / Assistant pro tournament."



“We highly recommend that all golfers in the Royal Canadian Golf Association Player Development Program read and study this book(The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers by Graham and Stabler). As well, players should strongly consider obtaining a “GolfPsych Profile” and report.”GolfPsych has been a large part of the RCGA Player Development Program and Achievement Guide since 2000.

Henry Brunton

Canadian National Golf Coach for the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA), Master GolfPsych Instructor and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“I never had a (sports psychologist) before. I knew I had some abilities and wasn’t getting the best out of them. I said, ‘Doc, I just keep choking towards the end.’ So she (Dr. Graham) gave me …a pre-shot routine, and …helped me get out of the future and into the now.

Gary McCord

Champions Tour

Thanks so much for all your help with Rachel. Before your help, Rachel had trouble breaking 100 in golf tournaments. She recently shot 80 in her Regional Championship and earned a trip to State as a freshman! At State, she finished 18th.Thanks!


Teaching Pro

The game of golf has truly turned into a game of enjoyment for me since attending your class. The fun now comes from seeing how well I can maintain a steady relaxed mental state and still be fun to be around for my playing partners during a casual round and then keep that same attitude in competition. I have always known I was a mental case and now I work on what I’m concerned with most the mental game and I think just as much as I use to but know its about the right stuff.

Bob McKinney of Erie

Successful auto dealer, won once and placed in the top ten several times in Kansas and Kansas City senior events…

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"Thanks for the GolfPsych updates.  I used them a lot when I played on the PGA Tour and I still use them quite a bit here at Illinois with my team!" - Mike Small



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