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Henry Brunton [ MASTER ]   Rate: $175.00/hr
Eagles Nest Golf Club
10000 Dufferin St.
Maple, Ontario L6A 1S3
Phone: 416-579-6170
E-mail: henry@henrybrunton.com
Web site: www.henrybrunton.com

Bob Beauchemin [ CERTIFIED ]   Rate: $100.00/hr
Oakdale G&CC
2388 Jane St
Downsveiw, Ontario L6W 3X1
Phone: 905 302-0708
FAX: 416 245-5099
E-mail: bobbeauchemin@hotmail.com
Web site: n/a

Director Of Instuction Oakdale G&CC Instructor Humber College PGM Program/Director of Humber College Player Development Program

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John Randle [ CERTIFIED ]   Rate: $100.00/hr
Bear Mountain Golf Academy
1999 Country Club Way
Victoria, BC V9B 6T8
Phone: 250-508-2742
E-mail: john@randlegolf.com
Web site: www.randlegolf.com

Mike Wiebe [ CERTIFIED ]   Rate: $100.00/hr
The Golf Lab
876 Edgeley Blvd
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 4V9
Phone: 416-882-3890
E-mail: mike@peakperformgolf.com
Web site: www.peakperformgolf.com

Graham Castanheiro [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr

, L1V 6T3
E-mail: gcastanheiro3357@rogers.com

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James E. Drysdale [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr
9435 Ridge Road
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8R 1G5
Phone: 519-735-9741
FAX: 519-735-9095
E-mail: ?

Rhonda Fleury [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr

, L4A 1L3
E-mail: rhonda@henrybrunton.com

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Tom Jackson [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr
Core Golf Academy
P O Box 26
Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z4
Phone: 407-654-8990
E-mail: tjackson@coregolfacademy.com
Web site: www.coregolfacademy.com

Louis Melanson [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr
Louis Melanson Golf Academy
28 Xavier Avenue
Moncton, New-Brunswick E1A 6J7
Phone: 506-388-5143
E-mail: louis@louismelansongolf.com
Web site: www.louismelansongolf.com

2002 Canadian PGA Atlantic Teacher of the Year, RCGA Regional Coach, GolfPsych Instructor Training October 2004

Jon Roy [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr
253 Wright avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6R 1L6
Phone: 416-919-6825
E-mail: jroy@gao.ca

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Laird A. White [ LEVEL I ]   Rate: $75.00/hr
Maple Downs Golf & Country Club
1715-4 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON M5P 3K4
Phone: 416.938.7987
FAX: 905.832.4916
E-mail: imagine@lairdgolf.com
Web site: www.lairdgolf.com

Canadian PGA Associate Professional at Maple Downs Golf & Country Club. Director of Instruction for Laird Golf

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