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Address: 1579 Seguin Sq, Pickering Ont


Phone: 416-884-3673





Background/Accomplishments: Member of the Canadian PGA, Associate Professional @ Cedar Brae G&CC. Operate  coaching programs for juniors and adults. 




Attended GolfPsych Instructor Training: October 2004

Hours: Available upon request

Rates: $90 per hour

My Philosophy/My Approach:

Here is some information I have compiled which encompasses much of what we will work on.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to enhance your recreation time by assisting you in developing your golf game.  The goal of  my programs are to facilitate learning through understanding, practice, and coaching.  It is my privilege to have been afforded this opportunity to work with you.


                The game of golf is indeed many games in one but interestingly I find it a game of opposites, i.e the easier I swing the farther the ball goes, or to get the ball up one must hit down.  All that this wonderful game embodies cannot be learned and mastered in a lifetime, but it is fun trying.  Basic skills are easily attainable once you are equipped with the correct knowledge and you are coached to reinforce desirable habits. 

GolfPsych Instructor
Graham Castanheiro