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More Information on Jon Roy (BA, CPGA)

Golfpsych Certified

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253 Wright ave.  Toronto, Canada, M6R 1L6




BA from University of Victoria (English, Philosophy honours)

Accomplished CPGA professional, presently employed by Henry Brunton (Golfpsych Canada Master Instructor)

Inaugurated and Competed for the University of Victoria Golf Team in British Colombia, Canada.


Attended GolfPsych Instructor Training: October 2004

Hours available :  Anytime, 12 months per year.

Rates:  Negotiable, (approx $100/hour)

My Philosophy:  I work as a coach and not as an instructor.  In this sense, my approach is to help the student realize their goals.  As opposed to telling the student how to swing or perform, we will work together to let the natural athlete emerge.

Lessons are guided by psychological profiling which helps both student and coach determine the strengths and weaknesses of one's game.

Above all, we will work to enhance enjoyment of the game by developing strong fundamentals and strong mental skills which inevitably lead to a greater appreciation for the game.  Ultimately, this leads to lower scores.



GolfPsych Instructor
Jon Roy