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Getting Started

The easiest place to start is with our book, "The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers". It includes Chapters on each one of the Eight Champion Traits from our studies of the Tour Players. It includes self-tests to give you an idea how your personality compares. Then it provides recommendations to follow based on that comparison.

Examples of Tour players and other competitive golfers we have helped are included. In fact there are 90 Tour players included that have given us permission to talk about them in this book. It has 204 pages of information based on Tour research and over 25 years experience helping those players perform.

Or you could choose to start like the Pros with our Complete Game Builder Starter Package - It includes:
  1. Our book, "The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers"

  2. 8 Traits Personality Assessment and Report Online Personality Assessment and Your GolfPsych Report

  3. Mental Game Skills Assessment and Report Online Analysis of Your Mental Skills and Recommendations

  4. GolfPsych Game Builder Guide to Organize Your Efforts with Tools

  5. Our Mental Routine Video

  6. Game Builder Scorecards

  7. Game Builder Bag Tag
Separately these GolfPsych Products cost $429.85.

Currently, you can get the Game Builder Starter Package for only $329.85! You save $100 over the individual prices!

The Starter Package is a complete Game Builder development program and many players get all they need and self guide their development with it.

(The Starter Package is required to work with Dr. Graham or Jon Stabler individually.)

To develop your skills even faster you should consider attending a GolfPsych Game Builder school or working individually with a GolfPsych Instructor or both.

We have found the combination of all the products, school and individual instruction to be the very most effective program. It will take you the farthest the fastest.

GolfPsych Game Builder School, Level I 

This weekend school includes the Game Builder Starter Package of products and 15 hours of instruction in classroom and on the course. These schools are limited to 6 players.

GolfPsych is effective for all ages and abilities, 14 years old and up can use the full system and attend our schools and work directly with Dr. Graham or Jon Stabler. We have worked with clients as young as 9 years old.

You can work with your GolfPsych Instructor in person and on the phone. Typically follow-up from the schools or initial contact is by phone and email. We have clients all over the world, many of whom we have never met in person. We look forward to working with you and to your success!

If you still have questions about the products and programs that are best for you, your player, or your group feel to give us a call at 888-280-4653.