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8 Traits Personality Assessment and Report
Compare Yourself to the Champion Tour Pros

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So, you have tried everything and you are still not playing to your potential? Are you ready to get serious and find out WHY? And what to do about it? Then you need the 8 Traits Personality Assessment and Report.

It will help you have more fun, make fewer mistakes, finish your rounds with more confidence and energy. You need the lessons in the Report. With it you will learn 3 steps to better focus, the single most effective method for managing tension, how to be more tough-minded in competition, how to build a bullet-proof mental game and more.

Our 8 Traits Personality Assessment and Report is your personalized instruction book to strengthening your mental game and performing better. Based on your online Personality Evaluation, it will compare your personality to the 8 Champion Personality Trait scores of the frequent winners on Tour. Find out what you need to do to perform like the Champions!

Upon completion of the online portion, your answers will come to us for analysis and compilation of your 8 Traits Report. Your 42 page Report will be converted to an Adobe PDF file and emailed to you within two business days of completion of the online evaluation.

Our studies found that 8 of 32 Personality Traits distinguish the Tour Champions from the other Tour professionals. All golfers in our studies were members of the PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour or LPGA.

The Tour Champions group was selected based on their record of wins vs. years on Tour and Majors. Statistical analysis determined that the Champions were distinctly different from the other players on 8 of these personality scores 95% of the time. This is our Champion Model. We know from experience that they are critical to performance.

This is the basis of our system and your future success.

Your scores and personal information are kept strictly confidential and will not be released without your permission.

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