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Mental Game Builder Level 2 Competition School

Our Level 2 competition schools ramp up your mental game. Level 2 schools have one practice and two real competitive rounds. In these rounds scores are posted on our leaderboard just like a real tournament. We will get to coach you during these competitive rounds, something we can not do during your tournaments.

Upcoming Dates:

Prerequisite: Students must have attended Level I School

Level II Schools – Our Level II small group schools include one practice and two competitive rounds with coaching and observation. Includes pre-round preparation, analysis and post-round ratings with recommendations. These schools are designed to put you in a full competitive situation where we can observe and coach to fine tune your competitive abilities. We use video and the Mind Meters while you are playing.

You should leave with a much greater understanding of yourself, how your thoughts effect your performance and level of tension, what to work on and how to do it. You will have goals and a plan to build your mental game. You will understand what a good mental game is. After the schools, you can work with us individually as you wish, on an hourly basis. You may also attend future Level II schools to continue the process.

Level II Schools are scheduled on demand. Please contact us to organize when you are ready. Contact us.

We will broadcast upcoming Level II schools to all Level I graduates as they are scheduled.



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