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Golf, The Toughest (Mental) Game

The best athletes from other sports struggle to play golf professionally. Tony Romo has no chance. Michael Jordan loves it but cannot play it at a high level. Ivan Lendl failed to qualify for the U.S. Open. John Smoltz gave it a shot. No professional athletes from the...

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Golf Swing Tips: Paralysis by Analysis

“After a bad swing, I used to take a bunch of practice swings in between shots, from the tee down to the ball, trying to figure out what went wrong. But now I don’t take any of those analytical swings. I just walk up to the ball and try to feel my way to the proper...

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Golf Mental Game Categories

Dr. Deborah Graham

Dr. Deborah Graham

Golf Pyschologist

Dr. Deborah Graham is a licensed Counseling Psychologist specializing in golf performance. Working with professional and amateur golfers from around the world, her client list includes almost 400 players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour, 21 of which she helped guide to 31 major championships. She was recently chosen by Golf Digest to their first Top 10 Sport Psychologists in Golf list!

Jon Stabler

Jon Stabler

Golf Instructor

Jon Stabler is co-founder of GolfPsych.  Along with being a co-researcher and co-author in the personality study of golfers and the resulting book, “The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers”, Jon has developed and conducted our GolfPsych group schools and Instructor training programs. He has worked with numerous players and college teams including TCU, SMU, A&M and Baylor.

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