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Golf Mental Game Coaching For Junior Golfers

Master The Mental Side Of Golf

Our coaching system has helped tour pros win majors, collegiate teams bring home titles, and junior golfers all over the country secure competitive college golf scholarships.

Golf Mental Game Coaching - Step 1

Personal Consultation

We’ll hop on a half hour call with you, discuss your goals, and formulate a customized training plan to get you started.

Golf Mental Game Coaching - Step 2

Mental Game Assessments

Next, you take two advanced assessments to identify your challenges and best opportunities for growth

Golf Mental Game Coaching - Step 3

Weekend Schools

Individual coaching and our weekend intensive schools are the absolute fastest way for you to achieve massive improvements in your game.

Ongoing Coaching

In person, on the phone and through our Online Coaching System we are your personal Mental Game Coach.

Golf Mental Game - Step 5

Advanced Tools

GolfPsych has developed a patented method and biofeedback that we use in our individual coaching and schools. You can purchase and use this system yourself anywhere.

Don’t Miss Your Window To Secure A Scholarship

It used to be a game. Then it got serious…

We see it all the time. Young golfers enjoy and excel at the game for years, and then when they reach high school, their scores jump. With college scholarships on the line and a limited window to perform, the pressure is too high.

That doesn’t have to be your story.

Our Mental Game System is designed to help Junior Golfers:


  • Achieve their best scores at competitive events
  • Play consistently regardless of the stakes
  • Feel mentally balanced and focused at all times
  • And so much more

Our training isn’t supplemental. It’s every bit as essential as swing and short game training. Tour Pros have leveraged it to win 31 majors. NCAA golf teams have worked with us on the way to 3 NCAA Division 1 national championships. And hundreds of junior golfers have gone on from our training to secure competitive golf scholarships all around the country.


Your window won’t be open long. Call us right now at (888) 280-4653 or fill out our form to get your 100% free consultation and a customized coaching plan that fits your schedule, your budget, and your time availability.


Our System Works

Major Championships on Tour

NCAA Division I National Championships

US Amateur Champions

Texas State 5A High School Team Championships

Texas State 5A Individual Champions

Master The Mental Side Of Golf

 Imagine turning in your best performances at competitive events? That’s what our students do week in and week out. It’s your turn!

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Take The First Step Towards Mastering Your Mental Game

Are you tired of underperforming when it counts?

Our Mental Game System will help you:

  • Achieve your best scores at competitive events
  • Play consistently regardless of the stakes
  • Feel mentally balanced and focused at all times
  • And so much more

Ready to stop feeling frustrated? Ready to start enjoying the game again?

If you are a competitive golfer, we can help. Fill out the form to begin the process of developing a customized coaching plan that’s right for you.

“This process is real, my daughter’s scores have suffered the last 12 months, thinking about earning a scholarship instead of just enjoying the round. In the last three rounds since trying the concepts presented, she has had three of her lowest rounds in a year as well as a 73 last week. Her lowest score ever. More importantly, she is having fun again.”

– Scott “T”, about Danielle using the GolfPsych Mental Game Builder Package