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Brech Spradley

Barton Creek Golf Academy 

8212 Barton Club Drive

Austin, Texas 78735

(w) (512) 689-1038


(f) (512) 301-6745




Brech started playing competitive golf 30 years ago at the age of eight.  He attended Abilene Christian University where he was a member of the 1993 Div. II National Championship golf team.  Brech spent three years in the 90's playing professional golf on various tours.  Brech has 19 years teaching experience and is the Director of Instruction/Owner of the Barton Creek Golf Academy at Barton Creek Resort and Club.


 Attended GolfPsych Instructor Training: October 2004 

Hours:  Mon-Sat  (8:00am - 6:00pm)

Rates:  $135/hr.  Barton Creek members

            $165/hr.  Non members

My Philosophy/My Approach: 

I understand that every person is unique with a unique blueprint to their mind and body.  My goal as an instructor is to assess my student's abilities and goals in golf and give them the very best plan to achieve success.  This includes swing mechanics, the mental game, fitness advice, and nutritional information in order to achieve optimal performance. 

The Mind Meter developed by Jon Stabler and Dr. Deborah Graham with GolfPsych is the best teaching tool that I have seen.  It gives me instant feedback about how busy my student's mind is at all times.  When a player learns the proven techniques to relax the mind and body, I have no doubt they will take their game to the next level.



GolfPsych Instructor
Brech Spradley
Barton Creek Resort & Country Club