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Managing Director

Golf Digest Schools World Headquarters

Orlando, FL

239-340-8207 C


Tom has taken lessons from, work for and closely with several of the top Swing Instructors in the world, including Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, Jimmy Ballard...with this experience he has a in depth knowledge of the golf swing and how difficult swing changes can be. He has also worked experts in many other fields related to high level golf, including fitness evaluations with Jeff Banaszak, Physical Therapist to the PGA Tour, Biomechanics testing and training with Dr. Rob Neal PhD of Australia, Equipment design and fitting at the NIKE Oven R&D Center in Fort Worth, TX.

Hours:  By appointment / as available

  Private Coaching $175 hr       Packages available

My Philosophy/My Approach:

Over the past 30 years as a player and a teacher, I have developed a true holistic approach to golf. Every player is an individual and has individual strengths and weaknesses, whether it is in their mental game or swing mechanics.  Your approach to the game should start with that in mind. You are the only person able to improve your golf game.  Ultimately, it's your responsibility for gaining the understanding of your exactly what your golf game needs to reach and even exceed your goals. With the help of a qualified coach you will set goals and design a personal Game Plan for your continuing improvement. 

And since your mind is ultimately the key to gathering and understanding this process, as well as controlling your body and thoughts...what better place to start than here at GOLFPSYCH with a qualified mental coach... Good Choice!

Let me know if I can help you in anyway.






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Tom Harlan
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