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Golf Mental Game Builder Package of Online Tools


This Do-It-Yourself Package includes three online products: our Personality Assessment and Comparison to the 8 Champion Traits, our Mental Skills Assessment with Recommendations and a 1-year subscription to our Online Coaching System.

This Package is required to work with Dr. Graham or Jon Stabler directly. Currently included in our Level I Mental Game Builder School price.

Please enter the information for the golfer that will be taking this assessment or school. Login instructions will be sent to this person.

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Our Do-It-Yourself Mental Game Builder Package of Online Tools include:

  • Online Comparison of Your Personality to the Tour Champion Model, The Eight Champion Traits from our Tour Research
  • Online Assessment of Your Current Golf Mental Game Skills
  • Your 8 Champion Traits Personality Report, 42 pages, with Recommended Methods Based on Your Personality, in PDF format
  • Your Golf Mental Game Skills Report, 32-40 pages, with Recommendations on Improving Your Golf Mental Game Skills, in PDF format

It also includes Our New Online Mental Game Coaching System for 1 Full Year with:

  • Links to your personality and mental skills results and recommendations so you can access them anytime
  • Our Post Round System to help you rate your mental game and learn from your rounds and prepare for the next round
  • Your Competition Calendar with links to each round’s Mental Game Post Round form
  • A Statistics Section to record and track your statistics, mental game and physical game by date and round
  • Printable mental game scorecards to take on the course
  • A Post-Round rating quiz on the 8 Champion Personality Traits for each date and round
  • A Post-Round rating quiz on your mental game golf skills for each date and round
  • A Goal Setting Section including Periodization Planning and Balance Goals
  • Our popular Bubble Thought Control Technique with output to take on the course
  • Our Four Questions Post Shot Recovery Method
  • Video of an Effective Mental Pre-shot Routine with explanation of the principles, unlimited viewing
  • A Learning Styles Quiz with advice on learning and practice
  • Accessible from any computer with internet connection, anytime

In Addition, for a limited time, it also includes our PGA Tour Newsletter Library of Golf Psychology articles! This library of 39 newsletters, each 3-8 pages long, was written for our PGA Tour clients. Each issue details one golf psychology topic. They have titles like “Emotional Stability” and “Creating the Right Attitude for Competition”. Separately this library is priced at $99.95 but is included free for a limited time in this mental game builder package This package will assess your mental strengths and challenges. It will make specific recommendations of the things you need to do to emulate the Champion PGA Tour winners and get the most from your mental game in golf competition. This system will help you learn from your rounds and make adjustments to your mental game and skills. It will help you get ready for your rounds. If you have selected a GolfPsych Instructor, they will have access to this system and be able to make suggestions and stay in touch with your progress. This system is password protected so only you and your GolfPsych Instructor have access.


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