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Mind Meter Pro


Find Your Optimum Pre-Shot Routine


Developed and Proven over 22 Years. It has Video recording and playback for you to identify how your thoughts changed, how you were operating during that routine and shot. Quickly identify when you are thinking about the wrong things or the right things. Frees up your athletic abilities and simplifies your thinking. Stop grinding. Start playing better and more consistently. Used in our schools and individual coaching.

The Mind Meter Pro is an Android App.  Android phone included.

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Develop Your Optimum Mental Routine!

Define Optimum Performance Zones for Your Short Game and Your Long Game


Our new Mind Meter Pro makes this easy. Put on the chest strap, connect to the Mind Meter Pro App and touch the Record button to record your shot. The Mind Meter numbers are displayed at the top of the video window and captured on the recording. Replaying the recording will show you when in your routine and shot the numbers change and in the good direction or the bad direction.

I am currently leading the tourney by 5 shots. I know I don’t want to think about this but it does creep into my mind. My goal is to stick to my game plan and stay focused on the things we talk about.


Tour Player

Supercharge Your Physical Game Development

This feedback combined with the outcome and feel of the shot will tell you very quickly whether you were doing good mental on that shot. With this feedback you can literally define your optimum Zone numbers for full shots, driver, putter, chipping, etc. They should be a bit different based on our research.

Anything that causes these numbers to be higher than your Zone range or move in the wrong direction can immediately be identified as not good for your play. Problem thoughts, lack of focus, distractions, emotions like anxiety, lack of commitment and trying to control your shot will show up.

Learn How to Play to Your Ability in Competition

Objective and accurate feedback in real time, right now. This will supercharge your practice and your play. You will be able to separate causes and find the keys to your improvement, by yourself and with your coach.


Background-In 2004 I created a prototype system to record the live Mind Meter number on video. This prototype used three cameras, a video mixer, custom antenna, special programming, a portable power source and a golf cart to move it all around. Cumbersome but the result was Wow!

The students I used it on were immediately able to recognize where their thoughts were at that moment and identify what they were doing wrong mentally.

I have been dreaming of the day when we would be able to add this capability to the Mind Meter ever since. In 2012, the first Android version of the Mind Meter had the video capability but it was so complicated to use and the quality was so poor that I never released the video capability.

Great Training Tool

Technology has moved forward and we are now able to capture the video on an Android smartphone, replay it immediately and download it for review and comparison. No video mixer, no multiple cameras or special antennas or any of that equipment I had to use. Quality and ease of use are great!

Now all you need is an Android smartphone or tablet with 5.0 or above operating system, the BlueTooth chest strap and our Mind Meter Pro App.

Click here to see the full video of my student hitting her driver. She achieved some great numbers! The number at takeaway is the most important number. The direction the numbers are moving indicates right brained and athletic or Left Brained and inconsistent. Her numbers move down nicely and she is on the lower end of the range. Fantastic for her! For any golfer!

Latest Features

We added the new buttons, Record Video and Video Library. We also made the Connect/Disconnect button larger. It still has the Alarm functions for working by yourself. Now with a selfie tripod, you can video yourself too. Even better!

Touch the Record Video button to get to the video recording screen. That screen has two buttons at the bottom that say Record and Replay.

The Mind Meter Pro box will be at the top left of the screen and will have the Mind Meter number changing if it is connected like you see in the picture and the video. Just push Record. After the shot, touch the screen to stop the recording.

Hit Replay to replay as many times as you wish. You will be able to pause the replay at any point.

Hit Record again to record the next shot. Easy.

The video is automatically stored in the Video Library list with thumbnail pictures. You get to this list by touching Video Library on the main screen. Just touch any of these videos to replay them as many times as you like.

After you are done with your session you can easily download any of the videos by connecting the Android smartphone to a computer or tablet, Windows or Mac. Android File Transfer will come up automatically and make this easy.

This means you can save these videos and go back to them for comparison in the future. Simple and easy.

The Mind Meter Pro App is available now for Android operating system devices with 5.0 OS and above. The price for the App and Chest Strap is $399, no phone included.

If you do not have an Android phone with 5.0 or higher operating system, then we can supply one with the App loaded and paired with your chest strap, ready to go. The price for the phone similar to this one is $200.

You are certainly welcome to use your own phone or purchase a phone separately and we will send you simple directions for loading the App and pairing the chest strap when you get them.

The Mind Meter Pro will enable you to Find Your Optimum Performance Zones quickly and easily. It will confirm your mental routines are good. It will help you figure out the true cause of any miss or misses. It can help you develop your physical skills faster. It can help you determine whether it is the club or you causing the problem outcome. If your routine was good and your Mind Meter numbers were good and the shot did not shape as it should, then this problem must be the club.

No other device in golf can give you this real time feedback on your Optimum Mental Performance like the Mind Meter Pro.

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Mind Meter Pro App + BT Chest Strap + Android SmartPhone


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