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Golf Mental Skills Assessment w/Recommendations

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GolfPsych’s Mental Skills Assessment is the best way to find out where your mental game needs work, and offers personalized recommendations. Based on our scientific research of Tour players, this assessment allows you to see how your game stacks up to the Tour champions.

The test takes only 15 minutes. Your Mental Skills are then assessed in 8 key areas, with recommendations and quick fixes to strengthen them.

This assessment is designed for golfers of any age and handicap. Consider combining with a one year subscription to our Online Coaching System for great support.

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Discover GolfPsych, the assessment and coaching system designed to improve any golfer's mental game.

Why GolfPsych?

GolfPsych is the ONLY organization that has conducted scientific research on the mental game of Tour players. Over the last 30 years, we have used that research to help 21 Tour golfers win 31 Major Championships, and we’ve helped 40+ college teams and countless Juniors achieve their goals through golf mental game training.
Are you ready to end those game-busting mistakes, putt lights out, and take your game to a new level? This mental skills online evaluation, profile, and recommended techniques will get you well on your way to doing all of that and more. At a glance, you will see exactly why you are losing strokes and what you can do about it NOW!

Buy the assessment created by world-renowned golf psychologist Dr. Deborah Graham and golf mental coach Jon Stabler.

Over 2,000 customers have completed the Mental Skills Assessment to start their journey in improving their skills and competitive mindset. 


    • Improve your mental awareness
    • Get effective goals to work toward
    • Learn how to think like a champion
    • Comparisons to the Tour Pros
    • Personalized tips for quick solutions
    • Easy lessons for long term fixes
    • Effective ways to build your mental game
    • Find out what needs improvement

    Personalized Results

    111 multiple choice questions for results tailored to you. 

    Save Time

    The full assessment takes less than 20 minutes to complete.  


    In-Depth Look

    Get a 30-page report for an in-depth look at your assessment.

    See Results Quick

    Results are sent to your email in less than 30 minutes. 

    "This Mental Skills Assessment and Report is invaluable for the player new to mental game skills training, or any player in need of a refresher. Take it anytime you need answers fast. This assessment is by far the simplest, most economical, and most effective way to build your golf mental game."

    Jon Stabler

    GolfPsych Co-Founder and Golf Mental Coach

    8 Mental Game Skills

    Chart-only assessments can be used to monitor progress, identify causes for lost strokes, prepare for a big event, or provide a simple and easy way to journal progress for yourself or your instructor. Our Mental Skills Assessment will give you your own personalized plan for getting more out of every round.

    Displayed graphically in 1-10 scales on an easy-to-read chart.

    Evaluates your current strengths and weaknesses in your mental game.

    Lists primary mental skills and recommended steps for improvement, along with Quick Fixes for your next round. 

    Your Report

    This assessment, chart, and report together provide you quick and objective answers to your questions of:

    • Where you are
    • What you can improve
    • How to get the most out of your lessons
    • Quick fixes for your next round

    Check out these sample results that will be included with your report. 

    Summary Report

    Main Trait Scores

    Champion Skill Scores

    How it Works

    Ready to think like a champion? Here's how to start:

    1. Add the assessment to your cart. Complete the checkout process.
    2. Redeem your codes. You'll receive a unique code and link to your test.
    3. Take your assessment. The test consists of 111 questions and takes 15 minutes.
    4. Find results in your email. Personalized results are sent to your email in less than 30 minutes.
    5. Learn how to utilize your results. Your report includes personalized recommendations for improving your mental game.

    Train Your Mind Like the Tour Champions

    Understand your mental skills, and review the facets of a strong mental game. 

    “I’ve never had a (sports psychologist) before. I knew I had some abilities and wasn’t getting the best out of them. I said, ‘Doc, I just keep choking towards the end.’ So she (Dr. Graham) gave me…a pre-shot routine and…helped me get out of the future and into the now."

    Gary McCord

    Champions Tour

    “In 1993, my second year on the Senior PGA Tour, I won five tournaments and $1,175,944, was leading money-winner and was named Player of the Year…the main reason I had a year that for me was unbelievable is that I worked hard on the mental side of my game (with GolfPsych).” 

    Dave Stockton

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take?

    The Assessment consists of 111 questions, and usually takes 15 minutes to complete. 

    What are the 8 Mental Game Skills?

    The 8 Mental Game Skills have been derived from our research into the Tour champions. For more information, check out our book here or take the test!

    Who is this assessment for?

    This assessment is designed for competitive golfers of all ages and handicaps. Results are personalized to take age, handicap, and goals into account. 

    How do I redeem my code?

    After purchasing, a link and access code will be sent to your email. Follow the link and enter your code to be begin the test. 

    How does this help me?

    This assessment is a great starting point for improving your mental game. It allows you to see how you stack up to the mental game of the Tour Champions, and shows you which parts of your game you need to work on. The test includes personalized tips and quick fixes that will help you improve your game on your own. You'll also receive goals to help you track your mental progress, and allow you to track your progression. 

    Why is GolfPsych better?
    GolfPsych is the ONLY organization that has conducted scientific research on the mental game of Tour players. Over the last 30 years, we have used that research to help 21 Tour golfers win 31 Major Championships, and we’ve helped 40+ college teams and countless Juniors achieve their goals through golf mental game training.
    The research of world-renowned Golf Psychologist, Dr. Deborah Graham, leads our approach to mental game coaching and has resulted in significant success for our clients. 

    Want even more mental game training? 

    Our Mental Game Builder Package includes the Mental Skills Assessment, along with the Personality Assessment, and a 1-year membership to the New Online Mental Game Coaching System. This package will assess your mental strengths and challenges and also make specific recommendations of the things you need to do to emulate the Champion PGA Tour winners and get the most from your mental game in golf competition. This allows ongoing recommendations to get the most out of practice and competition.