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Personality is Performance in Golf

Why Should You Care About Personality?

You Just Want to Play Better.

You have been told that you must:

  • Swing Better
  • Improve Your Short Game
  • Make More Putts
  • Hit it Further
  • Be More Consistent
  • Be More Fit, More Flexible
  • Improve Your Mental Game

These things are true and will always be true. Our Tour clients are always working on all these areas. It never ends. You will never perfect all or any of these things. No one of them or several together can be relied on to deliver success in competition. You need them all.

Now consider the real world. The best golfers in the world play golf for a living. All the players on the top Professional Tours; the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour, the Champions Tour, do have good swings, do putt well, are consistent, do work on their mental games. You cannot get there without having pretty good golf skills.

So why do some win a lot and others never?

This is the question Dr. Graham asked in her doctoral study. Is there a difference in their personalities and is this why they are more successful?

It Turns Out That You Need the Right Personality Too!

Personality can be defined as a dynamic and organized set of characteristics possessed by you that uniquely influences your information processing, motivations and behaviors in various situations.

If your unique personality is not suited to competitive stroke play golf, then you will struggle to be successful there.

Have you noticed how the top ranked pros often get knocked off in Match Play by lesser ranked players?

That is because their personalities are better suited to Stroke Play. Their world ranking is based on success in Stroke Play.

Unfortunately, if your personality does not match theirs, there is little chance you will reach your goal of being a Tour Player or one of the best in the World at Stroke Play.


It does not matter how hard you work at your game, if your personality does not match up with theirs, you are wasting your time.

It does not matter how perfect your swing or your putting stroke…

It does not matter how many balls you hit in practice or how many hours you practice…

That theory that 10,000 hours of practice is the key to excellence or success at Stroke Play Golf is hogwash…

Double Wow!!

I hope you are getting this. Don’t tune me out. This does not mean it is hopeless if you don’t match their personalities. Please bear with me a bit longer.

It means that the results of Dr. Graham’s studies of the LPGA, PGA and Champions Tour players’ personalities were so dramatic and clear on this point.

The frequent winners on these three professional Tours measured the same on 8 of the Personality Traits measured and the other Tour players did not. 95% of the time or above, this was true on each of these 8 Traits.

These studies had statistically valid sample sizes to reach these definitive conclusions. There is no spin here. Nobody was funding or trying to influence the outcome of these studies. Dr. Graham discovered this truth.

She did not know what the results would be when she started. Her doctoral committee told her to not even try, that she would not get enough Pros to participate to have valid results. But she did and they are very valid results, consistent across the 3 Tours studies.

To this day, they are the only scientific studies that have been conducted on the Tour Players at the top levels in golf.

This is information that you need to know for your golf and for your future in golf.

So the big question is, “Should You Give Up Golf IF You Don’t Match Up?”

The Frequent Winners are naturals for Stroke Play Golf. Survival of the fittest for Stroke Play Golf determined their success. Everything is easier for them than for the less suited.

But the fact is, they don’t win every time. In fact, they can go long periods without a win. This game is hard and made harder by all the bad information out there. Even the naturals can be side tracked or ambushed by the wrong thoughts and bad advice, just not by their personality traits.

For the rest of us, this is a bet we cannot afford to miss. You need to know how you compare on each of these traits and therefore what your tendencies are when you compete at Stroke Play Golf. You need to know what to do about your personality traits so you can emulate the Frequent Winners when you compete.

Here is an article on the Eight Champion Traits and how a Tour player used them to improve.

That is the good news. You can learn to emulate the 8 Champion Traits when you compete. It is not hopeless if you don’t line up with them. Don’t give up the game! Please! We can help!

We have helped many players figure this out and in fact some have literally moved into the Frequent Winners group on Tour. Literally from journeyman to Winner and then Frequent Winner.

If you do line up with the 8 Champion Traits, then we can help you see where you are getting off track and easily get back on.

We have now worked with over 380 Tour Players and thousands of other competitive golfers. We have never advised anyone to give up the game because we know you can learn to do this.

In our experience you will line up with a few of the 8 Champion Traits naturally. This means that we will only have to focus on the other Champion Traits. At a glance we will know where your challenges lie and can focus your efforts there.

As we explain your results, you will recognize what has been happening and understand why. Without this knowledge you will continue to struggle most of the time.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you understand how you line up with the 8 Champion Personality Traits the sooner you can start moving forward and getting the full benefit of all that practice and your great physical skills.

The Personality Assessment Dr. Graham used in the studies is online. It will take you less than 45 minutes to complete and get a very accurate measure of your personality traits. With those results we generate a comparison discussion and immediate recommendations with techniques included. This report will be sent in PDF format to your email box.

Here is the link to sign-up for your assessment: Compare My Personality to the Frequent Winners, Please

This personality assessment is so important that we will not attempt to coach you without it. If we did, we would be like every body else out there, operating on hunches with our own theories about what you should do. We will not do that to you. We will base everything we suggest on good science and our Tour experience.

So far that has worked pretty well. Our clients have been successful at every level in golf. 20 of our Tour clients have won 30 majors and counting!

You cannot get this analysis backed with Tour experience and our unique tools anywhere else.

We look forward to working with you and to your success. May you line up with most of the Champion Traits! But if not, No Worries! We can help.

Click Here to Get My Personality Comparison to the 8 Champion Traits with Recommendations