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The Mind Meter to Find Your Mental Game Performance Zones

The Mind Meter is an incredible coaching tool to help you find your optimum mental game performance zones. Invented by Jon Stabler for our mental game work with the Tour Pros, used with our individual clients and in our schools for the past 12 years. A must have for any serious golfer that wants to fine tune their mental game and find their optimum performance zones for the long game and short game. Especially good for putting and short game skills. Amazing tool for un-conditioning the yips with our coaching.

Before we talk about the Mind Meter and how it works, you need to understand Arousal for Golf.

General sport psychology theory says that there is an optimum level of arousal for performing your best at any sport. Higher or lower than this level of arousal means lesser performance.

Using the Mind Meter we have been able to define the optimum levels of arousal for Golf objectively through our research. Louisiana Tech University, Kinesiology Department has just completed a pilot study on Optimum Arousal and putting using the Mind Meter.

Turns out that there is not one optimum level of arousal for golf but two or more, actually ranges of arousal depending on the shot you are playing. Generally you can describe them as a higher range for longer shots and a lower range for short game and putting.

Through our work we have found that these ranges vary from person to person. Working with the Mind Meter we can define them exactly for you.

Arousal is a combination of things. Your level of arousal can be said to be higher if you have just exerted yourself physically like walking up a hill or running. Your heart rate will be up, your breathing faster. Your level of arousal also means how busy or quiet your mind is, how simple or analytical. Arousal can also be connected to tension, general muscle tension but also mental tension or stress.

The Mind Meter is measuring your combined level of arousal and displaying it as a number between 00 and 99, where 99 is very aroused and 00 is very, very calm and quiet mentally and physically. People that achieve 00 are in a meditative state of peaceful awareness.


For us, the Mind Meter is a fantastic coaching tool. It gives us great insight into how you are operating when you play a golf shot and whether you are at the right level of arousal or not. Fantastic for Coaches and Instructors.

For you, the Mind Meter is an incredible learning tool and practice aid. You cannot wear it in competition though. It is not approved for competition.

With the Mind Meter you can raise your awareness of your level of arousal and identify the thoughts and ways of operating that raise or lower it. You can define your Zone and have objective proof that you are operating in it for any shot.

On the practice range by yourself or with a friend or coach watching the numbers, you will soon understand where your good numbers are and see the correlation between your thoughts, the numbers and the quality of your golf shots.

When you have identified the best numbers for quality ball striking, putting and chipping, then you can practice playing those shots at those levels.

When you go on the course, you can set an alarm that will sound or vibrate when you are too high. This will quickly break you out of any bad mental habits you have developed but may not recognize.

If your coach is watching your numbers, he/she will be able to give you feedback you can use to rapidly improve on the course.

At home you can use it to as a biofeedback tool to learn how to raise and lower your level of arousal quickly and easily. You need to develop this skill, going as low as possible. Then when you need to calm yourself on the course, say after a poor shot or unlucky bounce, you will be much more able to do that.

The Mind Meter System consists of a chest strap you wear under your clothing and an Android device with Bluetooth and WiFi capability. The BlueTooth range is up to 30 feet from the chest module.

This range means the screen is in your coaches or instructor’s hand at a comfortable distance from you. It also means you can lay it on the ground, on the practice range where you can see the numbers while you are playing shots.

We have been using versions of the Mind Meter for over 12 years and have just moved to the Android platform. This platform gives us many abilities we did not have before like the alarm function and the range and elimination of distracting noise from the algorithm. No cross talk with other Mind Meters or devices in the area.

If you attend one of our weekend, small group schools, you will get to wear the Mind Meter the whole time. If you come for one on one, individual coaching, I am sure you will get to experience it then.

You can purchase the Mind Meter including the Android device, the chest strap and charging cradle for $499.

Click here to order the Mind Meter!

If you want to see one in action, perhaps try it out, contact one of our GolfPsych Instructors near you. Or come to San Antonio and visit us, maybe for a school.

If you are a Coach, an Instructor or a Golf School, please contact me to discuss how you can use the Mind Meter in your operation or with your team.