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The PGA Tour Drug Testing policy is in effect.

How do you feel about it? Is it irritating or dis-respectful to you? No longer will the world’s major tours rely on the centuries old honor system of allowing you to call penalties on yourselves when it comes to the use of performance enhancing drugs.

This need not be a problem for you if you good naturedly accept PGA Tour drug testing as just one of the various challenges you may face on any given day when you play golf at the highest levels.

Much like you would embrace bumpy greens as simply one of your challenges to conquer by using it as a cue to stay committed to your putts that day, you can use the prospect of being tested in a similar way.

For example, how much better would it be for you to view the PGA Tour drug testing as less of an uncertain intrusion and more like a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the honor and integrity at the highest level of your sport? In other words, go peacefully with the program.

Instead of wasting energy worrying about something you cannot control, channel energy into precisely what you can control, like being clean of any banned substances.

The good news is that all the major tours and golf governing bodies seem to be working together through the World Golf Congress to make the procedures and requirements consistent throughout the world of competitive golf. While you may have to change your choice of some over-the-counter or prescription products (if they contain narcotics, for example), this really should prove quite easy for you.

If you are the exception rather than the rule and you medically require one of these substances, such as beta blockers for a heart condition (which is banned), you should take your case to your tour’s governing body as soon as possible. If in doubt about anything, check the list of banned substances provided by your tour. If uncertain, ask.

There are two substances on the World Anti-Doping Association List which fortunately have been left off of golf’s banned list. It has been said that the various Tour leaders agreed that these substances would not artificially enhance a golfer’s ability to perform.

It is possible that another reason they may not have been included is because a number of touring pro’s seem to suffer from various allergies and monitoring these substances could prove to be a logistical nightmare. They include: glucocorticosteriods and beta-2-antagonists which are used for things like asthma and allergic inflammation.

As you go about handling the various challenges of each competitive event, please keep in mind that while it can be something of a hassle if you are randomly chosen for testing, it really is simply one more rule. You have become a master of honoring an exhaustive list of rules in order to compete at the highest level in your great sport.

No big deal!

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