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Being a PGA Tour or other major tour professional is aspired to by many thousands, but achieved by an elite few.

It took you years of dedication, hard work, sacrifice and perseverance to get here, but, as many of you veteran tour players know, no matter what year you are on tour, your challenges will begin anew!

Isn’t this perpetual evolution of challenges part of what keeps the game so interesting and what makes competitive golf such a fun and interesting career? Unfortunately, it can also be what makes it a difficult and grueling career as well.

The Challenges of Tour Life

PGA Tour life, with all its glory and wonder, is definitely not for every competitive golfer. To survive on a major tour you have to be better-than-the-average-competitive-golfer at handling:

  • Life on the Road
  • Finding your place among your golf “heroes”
  • The world evaluating, scrutinizing and analyzing your every career move
  • Friends and loved ones suddenly centering their happiness on how well you play
  • A universe of old and new “best” friends that emerge seemingly from no where and everywhere, all wanting some of your precious time and energy–and maybe even a few free tickets.
  • The disappearance of some of these “best” friends when your game takes a dive
  • The dizzying details of agents, contracts, endorsements, sponsorship’s–all while keeping up with your golf game and your life.
  • Never ending pressure to perform or lose your privileges.
  • Explaining to your mate that you feel you cannot discuss those “problems” until Sunday night and it only makes things worse.

Who You Gonna Call?

Try to talk about the challenges of PGA Tour life with anyone who has not experienced it, you will likely get no sympathy. Rather a comment like, “Hey, I wish I had your job! Try sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day!”

While it looks like a simple, easy and glamorous life to all who are watching, it can be quite the opposite to those who are living it.

Over the past few decades we have had the great pleasure and privilege of assisting many great golfers through the challenges that life on tour can bring:

  • From finding the formula for getting through the PGA Tour qualifying school
  • to conquering all the “odds” of retaining playing privileges from year to year
  • Facing all the challenges that come with moving up the money list
  • To finally managing the transition from regular tour to Champions Tour or to the so called “real world”
  • …and everything in between!

It is our mission, and our pleasure, to share what we have learned with you.

Expert On-Line Coaching

In our 30 plus years of work with major Tour players, we have observed that at this level of competition, the variations between physical and technical skills of the players is very small. In other words, there are many fit golfers with great swings and putting strokes on the PGA Tour and other major tours.

The greatest difference between players on the major tours seems to lie more in how they manage themselves, in personality and in their golf mental games. This is probably why so many touring pros over the years have proclaimed the game to be “85” to “90” percent mental.

In short, the bigger differences between players on the major Tours come down to personality, how they think, how they manage their time, how balanced they are in their lives, how well they take care of their health, how they practice and prepare, and more recently, the quality of their support teams.

Tips for Playing Your Best

It is our goal to continually update this web site with self-help tips to assist competitive golfers like you, even in some small way, master each of these challenges.

Send us your questions or comments as they arise and we will do our best to tackle at least one of the best of ’em in each post.

We look forward to being a part of your team. Remember we are here 24/7. Bookmark us and check in anytime you need a quick assist with your efforts to play your best… and reach your loftiest of goals as a competitive golfer on a major Tour! Contact Us for a free consultation.