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Our recent December 2017 Level I Mental Game Builder School had the usual assortment of competitive players. It included a Pro from the Tour, a Sophomore college player, and a Junior High School player. They were all talented players and the High School player scored the first birdie during our GolfPsych Mental Game Open tournament on Sunday morning.

If you noticed we are all dressed for cool weather you are right. Sometimes the Norther blows in and makes for a cool weekend but we play just like you would in a tournament. If the conditions are playable, we go. In all the years we have conducted these Mental Game Schools we have only postponed twice for weather problems. This is the advantage of living and working in South Texas, near San Antonio, we can play year round and the course is always open, the ground never freezes.

We can help you get ready for your upcoming Spring season. Schools are scheduled several weekends each month and if there is not a time that works for you, let us know. We are very flexible.

Work on your Mental Game for a great 2018!

At our golf schools, students learn the principles of a strong mental game based on our Tour Research and work with almost 400 Tour players. A strong mental game will enable them to perform in competition and increase there consistency dramatically.  A strong mental game will enhance your physical game and accelerate your physical game improvement. A weak mental game will ruin your physical skills and performance.


Upcoming Mental Game Schools: