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In this podcast with Jeff Pelizzaro, I covered the 8 Champion Traits for Golf that we discovered with our studies of the top Tour players, players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour. It includes explanation, examples and some techniques you can use. This is all based on our studies and our work with almost 400 Tour players and thousands of competitive golfers over the past 37 years.

It will increase your understanding of the mental game and give you insights on how you can improve yours.

Great for that long drive or commute.


Listen to the full episode here:

18Strong Podcast18STRONG was developed by two guys from St. Louis, Missouri.  Over the past 5+years, Jeff Pelizzaro has been doing everything he can to learn more about the relationship between the body and the golf swing to figure out how to help his clients. The problem that he constantly ran into was how difficult it is to find quality information about golf fitness and game improvement. We wanted to create a place that you can go to find all of this information and more.  As we got into it, we realized that there is a lot more to making your game better than just getting you stronger and more flexible.  So, while the site will definitely have a lot of “golf fitness” related elements and topics, we want to give you more than just that. That’s why we have decided to bring in aspects from the mental game, the swing coach, the player’s perspective, equipment, and of course, the fitness professional.  The podcast is where Jeff has the opportunity to interview many professionals. He says, “I love this part, because this is where both you and I get to know them, their personalities, and of course, benefit from them sharing their wisdom and experiences.”  

Playing your best when it matters the most starts with knowing who you are.  Our Personality Assessment and Report with individualized recommendations is available for competitive golfers in our online store.


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