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Golf Mental Game Articles

Our golf mental game tips are based on scientific data and research from one of the top golf psychologists in the nation. In one of our early 2000 studies of golfers, we were surprised to find that when asked if they felt the mental game was important to their success, more than 90% of the golfers surveyed said “yes”.

But when we asked the same golfers if in the past year they had actively done anything specific to develop their mental skills for golf, only 15% said “yes”!

With everyone practicing their swing and putting mechanics instead of their mental game, practicing the top mental skills of golf could be just what you need to surpass your competition and take your game to the next level.

The Golf Mental Game

The mental game of golf, in our estimation, is one of the most challenging in all of sport. If you are a competitive golfer, the odds are high that you will agree.

Golf requires a balanced amount of concentration that is difficult to obtain. Thinking too much causes you to get tense and hinders your fine-tuned movements, while thinking too little increases the likelihood of using poor mechanics or misjudging the conditions. Add to this the individual nature of the game, the available time to think between shots, and the pressures of competition, and suddenly the mental game becomes as important to golf as the ball itself. Some skills are progressive and reflect the growing demands of maintaining competitiveness in golf, while others are consistent with attitudes and beliefs of decades of great golfers. 

Improving your golf mental game requires two steps. First you must identify the parts of your mental game that need work. GolfPsych offers weekend schools, DIY tools, and plenty of articles to teach you all you need to know about your golf mental game. Then you need to learn and practice the mental techniques that will strengthen these skills. We’re prepared to help you every step of the way to improve your mental skills and improve your golf game. 

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Champion Level Golf

“Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.” -Arnold Palmer

This is not to say that the physical skills of golf are unimportant. Rather, mental strength is the key towards capitalizing on the physical skill that most golfers have. For further instruction about the mental side of golf or your own golf mental game, check out our DIY Golf Mental Game Tools.

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